May 2019 Newsletter

01 May 13:00 by Celine Dubois


Health & Safety Management Plan 

HSMP Purpose:

The objective of this year’s Health & Safety Management Plan [HSMP] is to establish and maintain an effective management system for all internal and host workplaces, management staff, employees and clients of Trades Labour Hire (The Organisation).

The Organisation is committed to implementing a structured approach to workplace health & safety in order to achieve a consistently high standard of safety performance. This plan will assist The Organisation in meeting its legal and other obligations in accordance with workplace safety, health and environmental legislation and associated Standards, Codes and Guidance materials. This Plan applies to all of The Organisation’s management, operational and casual employees and stakeholders with regard to all works and activities carried out by The Organisation.

This shall be achieved through;

>         Development, implementation and commitment to the organisation’s Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety Management System;

>         The allocation of responsibilities and accountabilities of internal and external stakeholders towards defined objectives and targets;

>         Strict adherence to all legal and other obligations required of the Organisation;

>         Provision of collaborative instruction and training for all employment levels of the organisation including:

-          Senior Management;

-          Branch Management;

-          Direct Employees; and,

-          Casual Employees as required.

>         Hazard identification through pre-placement task risk assessments and site inspections of prospective host workplaces;

>         Regular monitoring and review of Site, Task and Employee Safety Assessments where employees are placed/mobilised;

>         Development, implementation and scheduled review of internal and site-based Emergency Management Systems;

>         Application of measurable input and output based health and safety performance indicators;

>         Consistent Monitoring and Review of all safety management systems for continual improvement.

HSMP Scope:

The HSMP applies to all personnel conducting business activities or works with The Organisation, through integration with The Organisation’s Health and Safety policies, procedures, systems and standards. The HSMP provides references to Organisational procedures and guidance materials which explain specific requirements for work activities. This plan does not in any way diminish the statutory responsibilities of clients and their host-workplaces, or the statutory requirements of persons in control of the workplace where The Organisation’s employees are placed/mobilised to.

HSMP Objectives:

The Organisation’s principle objective remains to provide all personnel who work for The Organisation with a work environment that is safe and free from hazards so far as reasonably practicable in adherence with current and relevant Australian occupational safety and health (OSH/WHS) Legal Obligations and other Requirements. This commitment is the primary concern when placing/mobilising The Organisation’s personnel with client’s/host-employer’s workplaces, to ensure all employees and stakeholders understand the required procedures and work together to prevent and control any hazards employees may encounter in their place of work.

The Company is committed to comply with all relevant OSH/WHS legislative and other requirements bestowed upon the organisation, in line with (but not limited to) the following principles:

>         Planning, implementation and management of the highest sustainable safety and health standards and performance to achieve continual improvement of workplace behaviours and processes;

>         Establishment of a supportive safety culture where hazards and risks are actively identified, reported, assessed, investigated and effectively controlled using appropriate actions to prevent recurrence.

>         Upholding supportive collaboration and engagement between all stakeholders including all levels of management and employees through regular consultation;

>         Establishment and maintenance of all essential health and safety management systems (HSMS) to ensure continuous improvements are made and sustained;

>         Provision of all necessary human, physical and financial resources to achieve safety initiatives;

>         Establishment, definition and communication of appropriate documented responsibilities and accountabilities for all personnel involved in the HSMS’s operations;

>         Identifying and providing appropriate training and development for all employees and stakeholders of The Company, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out their duties in a safe manner; and,

>         Driving hazard and risk management processes to ensure all principle and host-workplaces have and uphold safe work practices and a safe working environment through the reporting, identification, pre-placement risk assessment and proactive control of hazards and associated risks;

>         Achieving continuous improvement through regular monitoring and review of all policies, procedures and measurable objectives and targets towards the prevention and elimination of work-related injury, illness or harm.

The Company’s Senior Management is committed to positioning The Company at the forefront of safety and health within the Labour hire industry and is willing to allocate the resources necessary to lead the organisation in to an era where safety and health is considered at all levels and clearly understood by all.

HSMP Targets and Initiatives:

The Organisation has developed a number of measureable health and safety performance targets in support of their aforementioned objectives. These targets consist of improvements to the following elements of The Organisation’s HSMS:

Organisational Safety Culture;

Measureable Outcome: 10% increase in Safety Climate (Lead) by April 2020.

OSHMS Continual Improvement Strategy;

Measureable Outcome: 10% increase in Risk Assessment Performance (Lead) by April 2020.

Structured system of compliance monitoring;

Measureable Outcomes: Increase in safety and health compliance criteria by April 2020.

Measurement and Evaluation;

Measureable Outcome: collective 10% increase in Risk Assessment Performance (Lead) by April 2020.

Participation, Communication and Skills;

Measureable Outcome: collective 10% increase in Risk Assessment Performance (Lead) by April 2020.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums; 

Measureable Outcome: 10% reduction in injury frequency rates by April 2020 (LAG).

Compliance with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016

Development and implementation of an Organisational Quality Management System - QMS Accreditation.

Achieving these objectives and targets will require full support from Senior Management during the implementation, facilitation, maintenance and review of the OSHMS and QMS. Commitment and support is also essential from all line management and field workers to apply all principles and processes required of such programs, in order for them to be accurately monitored and improved.

CBUS Superanuation: Front Counter Offices 

If you are a member of CBUS, why not visit one of their front counter offices if you have any questions? You'll get the opportunity to speak face to face with CBUS' staff, who can provide general advice relating to super. 

Front counter services available in the following states: 

NSW: Level 25, 44 Market Street, Sydney. 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

QLD: Level 3A, 300 Adelaide Street, Brisbane. 8 am to 4 pm

SA: Ground Floor, 50 Flinders St, Adelaide. 9 am to 5 pm

VIC: Level 26, 2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. 9 am to 5 pm (bring ID for building entry)

WA: Level 1, 82 Royal Street, East Perth. 8 am to 4 pm

Safety Q&A

Do I need a qualification or certification to work with you? 

Yes - All our jobs require a certification, qualification or ticket depending on the role you apply for. Having a recognised or national certification is a credential that you have specific skills and knowledge. 

Do I need a driver’s license?

It depends of the role. Most roles such as forklift operators, mechanics and all-rounder operators require a driver’s license due to the nature of the job. For others, it might not be essential. However some workplaces might be hard to reach due to the lack of public transport options. 

Do I need a ticket to operate that machine?

Yes – As a safety requirement, Trades Labour Hire requires all of our operators to hold a national accredited ticket for the machines they operate. This means if you want to operate a Dozer or Grader, you need to have a national accredited ticket. 

 Will I be required to complete a medical test? 

It will depend on the job you are applying for or the job you have been put forward by a recruitment consultant. Most mining jobs and FIFO jobs will require you to undergo a medical test prior to finalising the employment process. Most medical tests will also include a Drug & Alcohol screening test. 

Will I be required to complete inductions? 

Yes. We require all of our workforce to complete a Health & Safety induction and face to face interview with a consultant prior to starting work. On top of our Trades Labour Hire induction, you might be required to complete other inductions or even site inductions before working on a construction site. You will be advised by your recruitment consultant throughout the recruitment process.
Do I need First Aid training? 

It will depend on the job you apply for. Some positions might require First Aid training due to the nature of the job (underground on a mine site such as Underground HD Fitters). If you need First Aid training at late notice, there are many places offering daily courses and trainings in Australia’s main cities.

National Competition

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Who's commitment and support is required to achieve our objectives and targets? 

Safety Quiz Award

Congratulations Eduarda Pereira! 

Eduarda was the first to provide us with the correct answer to last month’s quiz question - "What could happen if hazards aren't reported?“.

Employee of the month

Congratulations Hannah Pecotich ! 

Congratulations for being our employee of the month! Thank you for your dedication and hard work! 

We are proud to have you in our team! 

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