March 2019 Newsletter

01 Mar 08:00 by Celine Dubois


Our Safety Performance and Goals

Below is our performance overview for the last year. This  year, we will be striving to improve our health and safety goals and performance as well as reach new targets.

Lag Indicators
Lost injury frequency rate5
Medically treated injuries37
First aid treated injuries15.9 
Total recordable injuries8

This year, our health and safety targets are as follows: 

- Build a reporting culture for early hazard reporting 
- Engage and involve field workers in the OSHMS decision making process
- Hazards are identified before they cause harm

- Ensure all clients sites/ workplaces remain compliant with TLH's risk assessment criteria

- Maintain organisational awareness of health & safety performance- Improve the company's overall safety culture and risk attitude 
- Ensure the provision of safer and healthier workplaces for employees/ workers
- Ensure continued compliance with AS/NZ 4801:2001 and OSHAS 18001:2007
- Increase the organisation's overall understanding of health and safety systems 
- improve employee skillsets and morale through means of appropriate training/ competency for job tasks
- Improve employee job satisfaction and sense of worth
- Reduce overall injuries and illnesses
- Develop a Quality Management System to meet AS/NZS ISO 9001

Worker fatalities in Australia

Each year, nearly 200 workers are killed at work. Safe Work Australia have reported such fatal consequences stemming from vehicle incidents, being hit by moving objects, falls, trips and slips, heat and electricity, sound pressure and hitting objects with a part of the body.  Furthermore, 93 per cent (176 of the 190 fatalities) of workers killed were men. These incidents highlight all-too-frequent avoidable deaths and injuries.

National Competition

Please answer the following question for your chance to win a $50.00 Coles/Myer Voucher!  Text your answer to 0429 306 540 with your full name and State to be in the running to win.

What are TLH's minimum PPE  requirements at all workplaces?

Australia's Booming Industries

Mining, resources and energy sectors

The mining, resources and energy sectors recorded an astonishing 68% job ad increase on Seek. Growth has primarily been pushed by the mining-rich states of Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Those three states account for 30% of the total growth in job opportunities. 
Roles that saw the biggest contribution to growth in job opportunities include Engineering & Maintenance (22.5%), Operations (18%) and Drill & Blast (4%). Together, they contribute 45% to the total growth.

Trades & Services

Trades & Services is among the fastest-growing industries on SEEK with a 23.3% increase in job opportunities. With the Federal Government pledging a $75 billion infrastructure investment over the next 10 years, demand for trades shows little sign of slowing down.
Making the biggest contribution to the overall growth in Trades & Services were roles advertised in Automotive Trades with 5% growth. This was followed by Fitters, Turners & Machinists (3%) and Welders & Boilermakers (3%).
Heavy Diesel Mechanics are also in short supply, as are Mechanical Fitters. Boilermakers are also in demand in response to activity in the manufacturing industry.


Engineering was one of the fastest-growing industries on SEEK in 2017 with job opportunities rising up to 26.7%. More than 12,000 new roles were recorded for the year. There was a growing amount of Engineering positions in Civil/ Structural Engineering followed by Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Project Engineering. 

Employee of the Month


Congratulations Chi Man Chan ! 

Congratulations Chi Man Chan for being our employee of the month! Thank you for your dedication and hard work! We are proud to have you in our team! 

Everything you need to know about PPE

The minimum PPE required to be worn on sites at all time includes a hard hat, high visibility long sleeve shirt, and still toe cap boots. 

Hard Hat

A hard hat is designed to protect your head, eyes and neck from any hazardous impacts. Hard hats are required when working in areas where there is a potential risk for injury to the head from falling objects. In addition, hard hats are designed to reduce electrical shocks when working near exposed electrical conductors that may contact the head.

Hi-Vis shirt

Hi-Vis shirts will give you protection from a number of outdoor elements particularly sun and heat while ensuring you are highly visible on work sites. The two main colours in Australia are yellow and orange but your site might be requesting that you wear a particular colour.

Steel Toe Cap Boots

Steel cap boots are essential for all workers on site. They are designed to protect your feet and your ankles from impacts, cuts and chemicals.

Full Length Pants/ Hi Vis Pants

Those are a mandatory PPE requirement of all TLH employees, as they provide UV protection from the sun and harmful materials, projectiles and sharp edges.

Safety  glasses/ safety sun glasses

Safety glasses must meet current Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1337.1) and are meant to protect your eyes from falling objects, loose materials, scratches and dust as well as sun rays during those bright summer days.


Gloves are required in order to protect your hands while handling harmful materials and in some cases while operating machinery or other construction equipment which might be hazardous.

Earplugs/ Earmuffs

Earplugs or earmuffs are a must while operating loud machinery above 85db(a). For example, chainsaws, jackhammers, bulldozers or grinders emit noise levels above 85db(a) which can cause permanent damage.

Other PPE you might be required to wear

Depending on the tasks and the risks involved, workers might be required to wear additional PPE. Always refer to the emails between your recruitment consultant and yourself to make sure you will be wearing the right PPE on your first day.

CCF Nominations: Congratulations! 

Congratulations to our TLH finalists at this year’s CCF 2019 Industry & Training Awards Night!

Justin Braddon, our Safety Manager is a finalist for Safety Coordinator of the Year. 

Winners for each category will be announced on the night of the event on March 8th. 

Good luck Justin!

National Contacts

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