Write a resume that stands out

07 Jan 09:00 by Celine Dubois


Resume tips for 2019

Have you ever submitted a resume and waited days and days for an answer but the answer never came? A resume is essential for getting noticed and landing a job. In most cases, this is the document often asked and required by a labour hire agency before they will start considering you. However, blue collar workers often don't pay enough attention on their resume even though this document is important! 

What is a resume? 

According to Seek, a resume or CV is a document that summarises your work experience, education, skills and achievements for a prospective employer. It is usually required as part of a job application, and is considered essential information in order for an employer to assess whether an applicant would be a suitable candidate for a first round interview. 

Write a profile which will get noticed

Write a short summary of your most important skills which are relevant to the job you are applying for. Think about what the employer or recruitment consultant is looking for. Below is what you should include:

  • Your Trade/ job title matching the role you are applying for
  • Qualifications, licenses or certifications
  • Years of experience
  • Equipment or machine that you can operate confidently or have tickets/ licenses for
  • Other important skills or experience which could be noticed

Provide a bullet proof work history

In the next section you should list all relevant experience, including the company name and how long you worked in the company for, as long as a list of the duties and tasks performed. To finish off, ask yourself if there was anything else which could stand out in your resume? For example:

  • Did you win any awards or how many times were you the employee of the month?
  • Were you responsible for training employees? 
  • Did you take initiatives? 
  • How was your commitment to safety? 
  • Did your work enable a project to be completed on time or on budget? 
  • Did you implement or suggested processes which improved productivity or efficiency?
And don't forget to list your work history with the most recent experience at the top! 

Tickets/ licenses

Use this section to list any training, qualifications, tickets/ licenses or valid inductions. 

Machinary experience

If the role you apply for requires the use of some machinary equipment, then list them in this section. Having a separate section helps the recruiter to easily skim your resume to extract the essential information. 


After writing your resume, the next essential step if to check for any spelling mistakes or typos. Spelling and grammar mistakes are very common in a blue collar resume. If you are not confident, ask for friends or relatives to proofread your resume for you. Extra attention to details can make the difference, so make sure your resume is error free before clicking on the submit button! Alternatively, seek the help of a resume builder. 

Application process & follow up 

Every employer and agency have their own application process that you must follow. Nowadays, most employer or recruiter will ask for you to send a resume by email or upload via their website. 
After sending your resume, some employers might ask for more information or ask you to come in for an interview. The procedures differ depending on the company and job you applied for, so make sure to read the job description and any emails you receive after applying!  

Following up is a courteous and professional way to make you stand out and increase the chances that you won't get unnoticed. Let the employer know that you are interested and ask if you need to clarify any details about your application. If the company is not ready to select a candidate, ask when they have planned to start the interview process. It is best to wait at least a week before calling or sending a follow up email. 

It is important to note that companies or recruiters will receive a great number of applications for one job ad. Don't be disheartened if you do not get contacted or not selected for the job. Keep applying!