Why do you need a labour hire recruitment agency?

24 Oct 13:00 by Celine Dubois


Why do you need a labour hire recruitment agency? 

Over the years, we’ve found there has been a constant demand for our Trades and Labour Hire services Australia wide. It is not surprising when you consider the amount of time and resources put in for advertising, recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees. As a matter of fact, time and resources could be spent focusing on more important matters. As an employer, why do you need a labour hire recruitment agency? Here are a few reasons:

Demand and seasonality

Some industries such as the construction, civil, engineering, mining or naval experience fluctuations throughout the year. Those fluctuations are also caused by demand and as such one manufacturing business for instance might see a dramatic spike of activity for a few months or years and then become quieter for several months before another spike. This results in having to re-work on rosters and perhaps even laying off staff.

For such businesses, temporary recruitment become a great solution. Companies are able to quickly and easily hire staff for weeks or months. This temporary workforce comes in handy for your business to continue running smoothly. As a consequence, companies can earn maximum profits and don’t overwork their permanent workforce.

Avoid absences or vacancies

Any business at some point is impacted by staff with illness, holidays, accidents or injuries. This can take its toll on your workforce and can catch you off guard. Due to unexpected leave, work can start building up and this could lead to many negative impacts such as a project not finished on time or a cost increase for example.

A labour hire agency can help businesses stay on top of things by supplying contract or temporary workers to supplement extra staff. Another common scenario is when a worker decides to suddenly vacate their position without giving notice. With such a situation, it is important to find a replacement immediately. Contract or temporary recruitment can assist finding you a new employee to start straight away.

Skilled and experienced staff

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the staff you are looking for to do the job, and particularly if you need temporary workers for a one-off project. If you are looking for skilled workforce, your best option might be a labour hire agency. Indeed, labour hire agency have access to a great database of candidates that they can put forward. Those labour hire agencies understand the requirements of the industries and can put forward the right type of candidates you are looking for. After all, that’s their job.

Expanding your business

If your business is growing, it is more than likely you will need to hire extra staff to cope with the demand. Rather than taking on permanent employees, it can be wise to first start with temporary employees. With a temporary workforce, you can test out potentials positions and workloads before committing to hire permanently. If the employees exceed your expectations, you can opt to take them on permanently on your books.

If you need Trades and Labour hire or temporary recruitment services in WA, SA, NSW, VIC, QLD or NT, talk to one of our friendly recruitment consultants today. All our recruitment consultants have extensive experience helping businesses with their recruitment needs.